Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumental Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering shall be segregated into five segments. Field Instruments Engineering, Design Engineering, Packages, Automation, Smart Plant Instrumentation, Vipra has an experienced engineering team to efficiently carry out processes in all the above five segments within the stipulated time. The meticulous quality of the documents and drawings that we design are successfully implemented during the construction stage without any major issues. Our commitment to our work enables us to work on schedule without compromising on quality. Customer also benefit from our value added engineering services which in turn helps the EPCC contractors limit their budget for their entire project.

Field Instruments Engineering

At Vipra, we engage in the process with the EPCC contractor or Process Engineering Division right from the development stage of PFD, P&ID and ensure proper selection of instruments and tagging. The key steps involve:

  • Instrument Index
  • Design Basis
  • Technical Specification for Field Instruments, Valves and Analyzers
  • Instrument Data Sheet
  • Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Vendor Document Review

Design Engineering

In current times, many people does not understand the importance of Design Engineering in Instrumentation. It is akin to constructing your house based on proper design engineering. What you design shall be physically seen in the front end. This is precisely the reason we, at Vipra emphasize the importance of Instrumentation Design Engineering in our projects and we make sure the drawings are elaborated with proper detailing. The key steps involve

  • Cable Routing
  • Cable and Drum Schedule
  • Layouts
  • Hook - Ups
  • Junction Box / Loop Drawing
  • Material Take - off (MTO)
  • Control Room Layout
  • Technical Specification For Bulk Items
  • As Built


Normally, there are three types of packages. Package A is only the loose supply of instruments by the OEM. Package B is Design and Supply of Field Instruments upto Junction Boxes. Package C is Design and Supply of Field Instruments and Control System. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge required to handle all type of packages, from the Liquid Nitrogen Package to Compressor and Gas Turbine Packages.

Automation Engineering

Automation Engineering in EPCC differs from Automation by the Main Automation Contractor. Normally, during the FEED Stage Control System Philosophy along with System architecture drawing is freezed. During the engineering stage, Technical Specification for Control System and Input / Output List are finalized. Our dedicated Automation team works closely to complete the hardware freezing and software freezing before the PO placement.

  • Control System Design Philosophy
  • Technical Specification for DCS, ICSS, PLC and SCADA
  • IO List
  • System Architecture Drawing
  • Cause and Effect Matrix
  • Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Vendor Document Review
  • Logic Diagram in Excel or Autocad Format

Smart Plant Instrumentation

Smart Plant Instrumentation is a Database for instrumentation engineering. It helps in saving the man hour cost by 40% during the engineering phase. Following are the activities carried out through SPI.

  • Index Module
  • Data Sheets (Specification Module)
  • Wiring Module
  • Hook Up Module.

Pre Bid Engineering / Front End Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) which is conducted after completion of Conceptual Design or Feasibility Study. At this stage, before start of E.P.C (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), various studies take place to figure out technical issues and estimate rough investment cost

  • Preparation Of Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Material Cost Estimation
  • Engineering Man Hour Estimation
  • Construction Cost