about us

We are Vipra – a provider of quality instrumentation services in Chennai. Vipra’s aim is very simple. We intend to provide the best in class services at the most affordable prices. Being a specialist in a field not only requires determination and focus, but also the support and good wishes of clients. Service offered needs to be contemporary and skillful. We cannot afford to lose out on customers due to lack of service. A field like ours needs enterprise and constant innovative practices which helps clients in getting the best services available in the market.

our expertise

Instrumentation might not be a nascent field, yet the number of players who provide exceptional services are few. As a technology, it is an emerging one, and Vipra can boast of a team whose expertise in this domain is unparalleled. We provide you with complete state-of-the art solution and value-added services to make your experience a unique one.

A. Sivaraman, CEO

Engineering Graduate from Annamalai University With over 15 Years of Instrumentation Experience in various industries ranging from Oil & Gas to pulp and paper, he has handled Instrumentation Design, Detail Engineering and Commissioning for LNG, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper and Water Treatment Plants. His expertises on major projects for Aramco, Sonatrach and Shell during his 8-year tenure with Saipem are still considered exemplary. He has handled Basic Engineering and Commissioning activities in Pulp and Paper Industry during his stint at TNPL and Voith.


To be the first company on our customer's minds when they look at investing in engineering, control and automation solutions for their processes.

Open the doors of opportunity for the fresh talent coming out of our engineering colleges.

To build a talent pool of freshers and hone their skills to make them world class engineers.


We will provide our customers with the satisfaction of working with a dedicated organization whose commitment to quality is unbeatable. We intend to provide them with value enhanced engineering services that are optimal – both in terms of cost as well as services.